Keradur/Technica – grey porphyry


with a wide range of anti-slip surfaces covering all tread safety classes, safety at the highest level. The wide colour spectrum and the combination of the different module formats allow aesthetically sophisticated design even for functional applications. The surface coating ensures simple, rational cleaning for optimal hygiene.

  • 15 x 15 cm
  • 8.5 mm
  • 9.5 mm
  • R 10 / A
  • R 12 V04 / C
  • R 12 V10 / C
  • R 13
  • R 13 V10 / C


The comprehensive colour concept is tailored to the last detail for all modern applications in the commercial, private and barefoot sectors. Even taking extreme loads
the colours are not of their intensity: acidand and alkali-resistant, resistant to chemical and thermal influences, easy to clean for optimal hygiene.

Whether in industrial buildings, commercial kitchens, social buildings or wet areas: the KERADUR/TECHNICA fits perfectly where it comes down to sure-footedness. With profiles for all non-slip groups. Even when it comes to load-bearing capacity, the KERADUR/TECHNICA does not allow slips: high pressure, bending pull and wear resistance, resistant to frost


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