Your object is our obligation
Tiles in the object sector have to convince with attractive design and reliable durability.
Klingenberg’s over-strengths meet both aspects and are a challenging solution.
Benefit from a durable floor covering of the highest level.

The breaking load values of our products are considerably higher than those demanded by DIN EN 14411! (According to THE MPVA test of 2020.)
The compressive strength of our over-strength tiles is approx. 3500 tjm2• It should be mentioned that in the overall system of tile and substructure is basically the “weaker” part.
The determined breaking load provides information on the suitability for mechanically resilient floors. The “overstrengths” from our range with their high pressure, fracture and flexural strength values are the ideal covering for highly loaded floors, such as in supermarkets and passages, and already with a thickness of 14 mm a safe choice.

Perfectly matched

Whether traditionally in coarse or fine grain optics or with modern decorated surfaces such as wood, natural stone or cement look- our mechanically heavy-duty floor coverings offer the client, architect and planner the freedom to implement individual design concepts

Skillfully Markant

Due to their high resistance to pressure and wear, the over-strength tiles are recommended for use in almost all highly congested industrial and commercial areas, especially in public buildings, supermarkets and shopping malls

Made in Germany

With more than 120 years of experience and the use of the latest technologies, Klingenberg’s over-strengths convince with their trendy design and reliable durability.