Don’t be so shy

Universally individual. The KERASTONE series is as different as the people who walk on it. With four colours in the extensive portfolio, the series has a multifaceted spectrum. From light to dark. From supple to robust. From traditional to modern. This diversity leaves no questions unanswered.

Structures bring surfaces to life

Structures in life convey security and safety. With UNIVERSAL you can also achieve these feelings, because the different tile surfaces set accents by playing with light and shadow. In this way, spaces can be particularly emphasized and structured.

Just being me

Come home, relax and enjoy the local ambience. With the series STONE DESIGN you are also in the right place in the private sector. Combine the different formats with the five different colors to your liking. Whether small room concepts with the formats in 20×20 cm and 30×60 cm or large projects in the formats 60×60 cm , 80×80 cm, 60×120 cm, and 120×120 cm – STONE DESIGN is universally applicable and offers you everything you need to feel comfortable.

Success makes sexy

The STONE EIGER porcelain stoneware series offers you an unimaginable number of perspectives for individual interior design. The different surface structures in the individual colour segments create a three-dimensional sense of space that impresses. Already with the laying of a paint you reach a climate that has it in itself.

Lively perfection

The delightful, fascinating colour variations of the individual tiles create a vivid perfection that releases emotions. Each tile appears like a unique piece. Due to the imperishable nature of the natural stone, new, stylish surfaces are created from different perspectives.