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Ceramic surfaces have a number of functional properties that no other covering material offers in this combination. As a result, living with tiles offers the highest level of comfort in use: less cleaning, maintenance, renovation – living more, is the motto.

Ceramic – Durable & Resilient

Tiles are robust and permanently beautiful Whether turbulent family life, a host of lively four-legged friends or exuberant celebrations in the circle of friends: In everyday life, tiles convince by their indestructible beauty, which can do nothing to do with even high demands. Because ceramics are robust and durable – and survive year after year in their original appearance. In a brochure on natural floors, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the "Fachagentur Nachgrowing Rohstoffe

Cleaning & Care

Tiles are easy to clean and easy to care for Impeccable hygiene desired? And with the least possible effort? Then you should choose to live with tiles. Tiles have always been known for their robust, stain-resistant and clean-friendly surfaces. This has not changed to this day – on the contrary: the ceramic surface – whether glazed or unglazed – offers the best conditions for effortless cleaning. Today, brand manufacturers often equip their series with additional surface finishes. This gives the

Ecology & Sustainability

Sustainable quality of life for generations In the residential and construction sector, ecologically compatible, long-lasting living and building materials are in demand today. German branded tiles are made from domestic, natural raw materials under the strictest environmental regulations – and meet both criteria in exemplary fashion. In the field of tile production, the German tile manufacturers are regarded as pioneers in the areas of ecology and sustainability – thus ensuring the quality of life of today and future generations. Ecologically

Tile & underfloor heating

Tiles are ideal flooring on the underfloor heating Everyone who knows it doesn't want to miss it any more: the comfortable barefoot feeling of a tiled floor surface tempered with underfloor heating. By the way, the choice of tiles on floor or surface heating is also a good choice in terms of living comfort and energy efficiency. Underfloor heating is the heating system of choice in the new building area Underfloor heating provides a high level of living and thermal

Healthy floor coverings

Tiles create a healthy feel-good climate. Living in harmony with nature, living healthily – this is important for more and more people. Living with ceramics is a good choice for this, because tiles do not emit any pollutants and are among the recommended residential materials for the building. This is why tiles are ideal for those who want healthy floor coverings in their own four walls. Emission-free living and building materials create healthy indoor air quality. In addition to furniture,

Loud pluses

Ceramic coverings are:

  • durable and resilient
  • durable and sustainable
  • pollutant-free, because free of chemical evaporation
  • from natural raw materials and ecologically compatible
  • healthy and recommended for allergy sufferers
  • extremely care- and cleaning-friendly
  • Antistatic
  • UV-resistant, they do not fade out and do not brittle
  • heat-resistant, no toxic gases are produced in the event of a fire
  • Recyclable