Finest, unglazed porcelain stoneware since 1899

In 1899, Klingenberg Dekoramik was founded in Klingenberg am Main – about 70 km southeast of Frankfurt – under the company name “Albertwerke” and today looks back on more than 120 years of tradition in tile production.

In July 2019, the Ricchetti Group sold the plant to ROY Asset Holding SE. Klingenberg is one of the leading German manufacturers of unglazed ceramic floor tiles with a production volume of approx. 1.5 millionm2 per year, which are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

More than 25% of production is sold in export markets worldwide; however, the majority of more than 70% is distributed on the domestic German market, for which 10 employees in the field ensure not only the support of the wholesale trade and laying companies, but also the processing of objects by architects, planners and major clients.

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A brand of the ROY Asset Holding Group

ROY Asset Holding Group is a holding company focused on the production and distribution of ceramic products of all kinds, as well as project developers and real estate investors.

The ROY Asset Holding Group (formerly ROY Ceramics SE) was founded in 1993 and the IPO took place in 2015 and is known for its expertise in the ceramics and real estate sectors.

The Group’s development plan aims to create a complete and competitive product offering in the market through its ongoing, successful brand strategy.

ROY relies on state-of-the-art technologies and the best ceramic tradition: sustainability, design and perfect quality.

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We are ISO-50001 certified

With the introduction and certification of the energy management system, we are committed to continuously increasing our own energy efficiency measurably. For this purpose, we are constantly looking for optimization potentials in all areas.

We produce sustainably and environmentally friendly

The Institute for Building and Environment is an initiative of construction product manufacturers who have decided to jointly address the demand for more sustainability in the construction industry. Their motives are the interest in the topic and the conviction of the correctness of the idea of sustainability.

It is important for its members to build up new competence in view of a growing market, but at the same time to inform the public and users of construction products and to seek dialogue with you.

As a manufacturer’s association, the Institute for Building and the Environment offers a closed presentation of environmental product declarations (EPD) of the eco-label Type III according to ISO and CEN standards. Its members so far have mainly come from the fields of wood materials, mineral building materials and metals. The award with an environmental product declaration of the institute includes an independent review and shows the quality of a product as well as the company’s sense of responsibility with regard to sustainable construction.

The declaration program of the Institute for Construction Products was developed in close cooperation with construction and environmental authorities in Germany as well as the international standardization process. Other countries such as Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Japan also have successful programs. All are based on the international standard ISO 14025, which applies to all industries, but the construction industry is a pioneer in its application. The ISO CD 21930 “environmental declarations of building products” is currently being developed for them in the international standardization organization. The Institute for Building and Environment is currently the only organisation in Germany that consistently declares according to the internationally agreed standardization.


  1. Environmental product declarations form the data basis for ecological building evaluation. This is currently being defined in the new European standardisation project "Sustainability of Buildings".
  2. They are based on ISO standards and are therefore internationally coordinated. They are suitable as proof of environmental claims in public procurement.
  3. Environmental product declarations provide the relevant data basis for presenting environmental characteristics of a product to the public in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

Most construction products are used together in a "system" – the building. A Type III declaration for construction products, which then also helps to evaluate the entire building, is therefore obvious. Resource consumption and emissions into the environment are absorbed throughout the manufacturing process. The resulting contribution to the greenhouse effect, to overfertilization or acidification of water can be quantified and evaluated using the life cycle assessment methodology. Life-cycle assessments thus provide a systematic and standardised data basis in order to create an ecological assessment of a building in the "building block system" from declarations of individual construction products. A life cycle analysis takes into account the entire life span of the building, the construction phase, the use phase with possible conversions as well as demolition and disposal, and the contribution of the construction products to energy efficiency or to other aspects of sustainable management of a building can be presented.

The declaration makes statements about the use of energy and resources and the extent to which a product contributes to greenhouse effect, acidification, overfertilization, destruction of the ozone layer and smog formation. In addition, information is provided on technical characteristics required to assess the performance of the building product in the building, such as service life, thermal and sound insulation or the influence on the quality of the indoor air.

With these quantitative statements on the environmental performance of construction products, the ISO Type III Declaration addresses many addressees:planners, architects, construction companies, real estate companies, facility managers and, of course, companies that are involved in the value chain from raw materials to buildings with manufacturing and service.

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