Klingenberg’s special tile collection with patented antibacterial technology

Klingenberg offers a special collection of advanced and patented technology with antibacterial protection that improves the durability and suitability of Klingenberg’s already known high-quality tiles by stopping the growth of harmful, odour-causing bacteria. The antimicrobial technology is embedded in the ceramic coating and provides continuous protection against microbes throughout the life of the product. Klingenberg’s antibacterial tiles work effectively against the most common bacteria found in the home or object area.


• Klingenberg’s antibacterial tiles prevent 99% of bacterial growth

• The integrated antibacterial protection of Klingenberg tiles provides additional hygiene protection

• The antimicrobial agents act directly against microbes and prevent their reproduction and growth

• The advanced technology is integrated during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the molecular structure of the product. The coating cannot be washed out or removed

• No UV activation required: the protection is always active

• No treatment required after installation.